Kynda .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... Kynda (kine-duh).. n ... 1. A high-energy dance inducing Groove-delic Funk Rock quintet from Orlando , Florida . .... It started on a Sunday night back in 1996, in a pub where a melting pot of Orlando talent would gather for a night of playing. They experimented with new sounds and grooves, continuingly adding to the repertoire with varied covers and innovative originals. .... The crowds grew as the weeks went on making Sunday's the place to be. This project became the gig everyone looked forward to all week. Playing together, the band found themselves reaching new heights as musicians, constantly pushing each other to the next level. The fans felt their joy of playing and created a cycle of shared energy..... and suddenly, they realized they had a BAND. They had a ton of great original material. They had a following of incredibly dedicated friends and fans. So they took the leap. They made their union official on April 20, 2002 . For the next three years they toured steadily on their mission to share their music with the anyone and everyone who were purveyors of a fun time. The band made it as far north as Pennsylvania and as far west as Colorado..... Sadly on February 19 and 20, 2005, Kynda played their last two shows at that very pub in Orlando where it all began back in 1996. The shows were held outdoors at the Reilly's Outdoor Music Lot where the band played through sixty songs in two nights..... Tony Hume can now be found at, and Tony still performs solo acoustic sets (THC), and from spring 2006 - summer 2007 had a two and three piece electro funk project called THCv2.0 ( and Frank now reside in the Atlanta, GA area and have a project called "Bonobos Convergance and can be found at This project has been going since late 2005..... Dan Goore can be reached at Dan currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and still in highly involved with music..... Jason Herold still resides in Florida and plays live music on a daily basis..... .. .. .. .. .. ....some photography was taken by Laurel Edwards from