West Philadelphia Orchestra
West Philadelphia Orchestra The West Philadelphia Ochestra (WPO), is 13 or 14 of Philadelphia's best and most daring musicians, from all different backgrounds (jazz, classical, experimental, indie), playing music, much of it Romani, from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, and Macedonia. Now the group is doing more original music, with all the dififerent influences fused into the fray. 'Overflowing joy' is an apt adjective for the WPO expenience. In September of 2006, Gregg Mervine assembled 7 musicians on a West Philly porch and attempted to play his various transcriptions. Through word of mouth, news of the band’s formation spread and the right folks with the right talents became regulars at the weekly jam/potluck on the porch. WPO quickly evolved into a obstreperous village band in step with West Philly’s DIY culture (i.e. its Co-Ops, underground music networks, and proactive anarchist legacy), but whose playing can just as easily wring tears and sorrow from the soul as it can spark cathartic outpourings of joyful ecstasy. WPO is an ensemble for both children and adults, one that sounds fantastic in darkness and sunshine, and which represents inspiring standards of excellence - which, like an orchestra, can express the entire gamut of human experience.