Maus Haus
Maus Haus Maus Haus Achtung! The men that make up this musical act from San Francisco know that they are slightly off-kilter, much like their band name. "It's really nothing more than a placeholder," writes Jason Kick, who co-founded the band in the summer of 2006. "It's fun to hear people overpronounce it and ask us if we're partial to Falco and Bauhaus [the design school, yes; the band, perhaps, sometimes]. When we're feeling particularly saucy, we tell people it's pronounced 'may-us hay-us' to really throw people off their game." Which is precisely what Maus Haus songs, such as "Rigid Breakfast" and "Irregular Hearts," do to listeners who are left wondering: Is it funny? Is it supposed to be that catchy? Whatever the case, the end result leads to listening to Maus Haus again ... and again. "The initial idea was to take anything we ever respected in the realm of sound and transcribe and filter it through six other people," Kick said. "It's worked out so far."