Abe Vigoda
Abe Vigoda Abe Vigoda is the new LA punk secret weapon. Coming from a shattered and splattered background of No Wave, Pop, Darkness and Hope, ABE VIGODA bring forth a sound that is tempting and beautiful, yet melodic and tropical. The first proper full length comes in the name SKELETON and is a twisted joy ride through the four boys' private party. Soothing parts that remind you of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and MY BLOODY VALENTINE, or some Punk with a haunting REGGAETON pulse that makes you move. When the record is done, a little more than thirty minutes, you are left feeling that there is something they are trying to tell you, on second listen it smacks you in the face... ABE VIGODA are here! Coming from the same team as THE SMELL champions NO AGE and MIKA MIKO, ABE VIGODA hold a DIY attitude and play all over the place whenever they can, bringing an instant vibe all their own.

Abe Vigoda have been going at it for years now, since 2004 their sound has progressed into many different styles and shapes, leaving them with a unique take on punk and its various states of attitude. Having previously released some singles, two full lengths, cassettes, etc, SKELETON captures the boys honing in on an amazing direction. You hear a bit of dream-like ambience that seams through entire songs, with a beat that drives you into their world, and vocals that are underneath the music as much as they are on top. SKELETON, sometimes is a bit like a punked up version of PAUL SIMON'S "GRACELAND" and other times like a PSYCHADELIC FURS song being played in a church with all that room sound adding to the pop hooks. It is all ABE VIGODA though, pulling and heading in paths which are familiar and also fresh. SKELETON is an instant LA Now Classic and Abe Vigoda are the new jam.