Godspeed Godspeed-Seattle’s Own “Seattle’s Own” the new album from Seattle group Godspeed opens with an intro that moves smoothly into the first track “Good Time”. The duo B-Flat and Derriere, MC and vocalist respectively open with a danceable track backed by smooth beats and well rounded flow. Unlike much of the hip hop dominating the airwaves you’ll find no signifying crunker than though aesthetic on this album. What you will find is a foray into R&B laced hip hop that you can take onto the dance floor or listen to with your friends sitting around. What you will find are beats that while danceable bear none of the frenetic over synthesized, over sampled beats that many artists use to ill effect in their music. Their producer Crispy does well in not over shadowing the vocals of Derriere and keeping his and B-Flat’s vocals hovering above the beat without losing any of the character of the music or the lyrics. B-Flat brings a rich tenor vocal styling evocative of classic West Coast styling in his delivery. Not shy about riding the beat and keeping his enunciation clean enough that you understand his lyrics. The vocalist Derriere brings a much needed break from the baby voiced female vocalist many other rappers employ. His vocals provide a smooth counterpoint to B-Flat’s style, and as a listen to the album shows he can hold his own as a vocalist. The album “Seattle’s Own” is a good showcase of the emerging talents of the group. If this outing is any indication Godspeed has a long and prosperous future in the annals of Hip Hop. Copyright- 2005 Shannon Barber