Ol' Dirty Pandas
Ol' Dirty Pandas As lifelong friends, Ol' Dirty Pandas consider music to be another way of having a good time together. Musically the Ol' Dirty Pandas play songs from artists they respect and enjoy listening to, playing every song with a commanding intensity often finding themselves adding and building on both songs of their own and songs from artists such as Widespread Panic, the Talking Heads, and even Tom Waits or CCR. That being said, the Ol' Dirty Pandas are a good time for all, segueing in and out of popular classics and mixing in their own music. With their Studio demo “Pleasant People,” the Ol' Dirty Pandas are taking their original music to the next level, finding their own sound that features high end bass melodies from PJ Cowan and mesmerising Lead Guitar (Brice Johnson) fueled by the accurate and controlling beat held by their drummer (Mark Lawrence). Having played only three years together, the Ol' Dirty Pandas rely on their friendship and passion for music to communicate on stage. More than anything, they are a group of friends who go to concerts together, drink together, and love playing music whenever they can.