See Me River & The Dead Horse Creek
See Me River & The Dead Horse Creek See Me River is a procession of phonic guitars that ardently stride along dark, baritone vocal harmonies. Glockenspiel and drums parade along an untraveled road paved by chord organ, autoharp and shotgun blast. Resinous melodies spend an equal amount of time haunting the soul as they do brightening the spirits.

Kerry Zettel's, See Me River self released a self titled full length at the end of 2006. The album was re-released early 2007 on Bird Records and later again "officially" released on Aviation Records. Teaming up with Joe Arnone (Charming Snakes and Band Of Horses) then completing the band with Aaron Everett (Das Llamas), Kellie Payne (Charming Snakes and Weirdlords), Tosten Larson (Thorstone, Solo) and Ben Cisner (Tiny Vipers and Windsor For The Derby). See Me River have just finished their second album, with producer Nick Dewitt, Time Machine. It is due this summer on Aviation/Don't Stop Believin' Records.