2020Soundsystem 2020Soundsystem have became one of the best live bands within an ever increasing new wave of acts mixing up electronic music with healthy dollops of punk and p-funk. If you really have to find a name for it you can call it e-funk! They have established themselves firmly in the festival circuit as well as building up their reputation through the world of underground clubs and dirty discos. Their debut album "No Order" recently received best album in DJ, IDJ and Update magazines. It features two CDs, one from their Sweatshop studios and one from their liveperformance at the hottest music festival on the planet: Sonar in Barcelona. 2020Soundsystem was started as a new way of playing live by Ralph Lawson, original DJ at the legendary back to basics club in Leeds, and Danny 'dubble d' Ward. Tired of a jaded club scene they sought a different way to entertain and excite. By weaving live instruments into Lawsons DJ set, they transformed the clubbing experience into something new by giving the best of both worlds: the continuity and diversity of a DJ mix with the raw energy and excitement of seeing a live band. The project became four when bass player Fernando Pulichino and Julian "keys" Sanza, recent arrivals from Argentina, sent 2020 a demo under their Silver City moniker. Lawson heard the guys ability to play (as well as cook a mean steak), and asked them to join the project. At first it was a jam around Lawsons jocking, but as the idea developed original material started to come out of the sessions. The crew played very much as a dubstyle soundsystem for the first two years and then started experimenting with adding vocalists. Firstly this was Diane Charlemagne who is most famous for her song, 'Inner City Life' with Goldie. Here she can be heard on 'High'. The Soundsystem then started to get remix requests and one was from New York band The Glass. They were so into the singers voice that they asked him to guest on the album. This has resulted in a two track collaboration with Dominique and Glen from The Glass 'No Order' and 'Won't Bother'. Finally they found that bass player Fernando had a killer voice so the rest of the band pushed him up front to represent. If you want to hear more from the soundsystem crew you can check out the massively acclaimed debut albums from Dubble D and Silver City, 'Reaching Out' and 'Silver City' (2005) as featured below and at www.2020recordings.com.