Seabird “These songs are about real life struggles, relationships, losses, bittersweet goodbyes and finally having the courage to tell your childhood sweetheart you love her,” says Aaron Morgan. “We want to invite the listener to share the emotions, victories and defeats we all experience as normal, every day people.” And with lyrics so honest and vulnerable, it’s hard not to. “There is a redemptive quality present in this record, even in the darker moments.” explains frontman Aaron Morgan. “We hope this record will be an oasis for those who were left thirsty by years of heartache.”

If you asked them what their hopes are, Seabird would say, “To be approachable, and to write songs that people can rely on.” Bottom line, they want to connect with their audience. “We want the listener to remember that there is always something worth fighting for, and someone around to help keep our heads above water.” For the guys of Seabird, it’s a poignant message that continues to play on repeat long after the music stops.