Green Hit
Green Hit GREEN HIT was formed in 2005. Since that time, the ingredients have changed and the pot has been simmering! This process has ultimately yielded the creation of uniquely passionate, original music.

GREEN HIT's music appeals to a wide spectrum of people. With influences ranging from Afrobeat to Electronica, and from Funk to Post-rock, GREEN HIT won't sing you songs. Instead of telling the listener what to think, they allow the mood and feel of the music to communicate meaning. When GREEN HIT shows up at your local music venue, you can expect a full-on production, complete with intense intelligent lighting. The band incorporates multiple synthesizers, sequencers, tones, and colors that you won't hear on the radio, into every show.

In 2008, the band logged performances at several festivals including, "Bear Creek Music and Art Festival", "Mossy Headz 2008" and "Camp Jam 2008". Also, GREEN HIT expanded its territory this year with a two week tour to the U.S. Virgin islands, which included 10 stops at 7 different venues, one of which was Skinny Legs in coral bay (one of the top 5 beach bars in the world). Within the southeast GREEN HIT has been busy with performances from Hattiesburg, MS to Orlando, FL and all points in between including monthly stops at Tallahassee's popular venue, "The Warehouse".

In March of 2008, GREEN HIT had the distinction of being the featured band on the Emerald Coast. This honor was bestowed upon the band by, a popular nightlife directory for the Gulf Coast of Florida. In another media review published recently, Chris Manson of the Beachcomber's "The Beat" said, "...Green Hit strikes me as the right guys to build on Miles Davis' fusion of rock, funk, jazz, etc. I wonder if they might pick up where Davis left off with his final album, the hip-hop-infused Doo Bop..."

GREEN HIT just finished up a run in Georgia with a festival closing Late NIGHT performance at the first annual KEEL FAMILY FUNCTION on Saturday April 4, 2009. Let's just say that they will be back in GA soon!!!

Right now the band is putting the finishing touches on new material that will mark the first album release from their current personnel line up. The third effort from the band, it is destined to be their most progressive and well-crafted effort to-date. It will delve into much more complex song forms including odd meters, mixed meters, and even a song that is a palindrome. Look for the newer tunes such as "Oddly Metered", "It Goes On", and "Albert's Bicycle", to exemplify the progression of the band as a whole. Lately the largest influence for GREEN HIT's music can be found in "post-rock" bands like "Tortoise", "Stereolab", and "Mice Parade". Also, bands like "Medeski, Martin and Wood", "Miles Davis", "Fela Kuti", and "Phish", have played a role in shaping new tunes.

GREEN HIT comes to you as a four member team, comprised of three instrumentalists and one engineer. The members are: Trey Hebson on Electrotrumpaphone/synth/sequencing/loop manipulation/efx, Chase Hudson on keys/synths/efx, Sean Sullivan on drums, and Joey Morrissette on lighting design/sound/archival.

LOOK FOR GREEN HIT @ Bear Creek Music Festival 2010, and Aura Music Festival 2011.