Junior League Band
Junior League Band William Waikart When Will was a child he got his head stuck between the automatic sliding doors of a local hardware store. It was during this traumatic experience that he decided he should probably take up the drums. Many years and musical endeavors later Will received a bachelors degree in Music from George Mason University. After graduating will laid on his couch for a few months until he was approached by Lissy and eventually joined Junior League. Lissy Rosemont Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Lissy Rosemont came to Washington DC to pursue her graduate degree at Georgetown. Lissy grew up with three distinctive musical influences 1) her mother waking up the house every morning by playing hymns on the piano 2) her father waking her up in the middle of the night to sing his favorite Hank Williams tunes to his buddies and 3) her family's fiddler's festival in Union Grove, NC where she has been performing or watching her father perform since she was a child. Alison Krauss's "Baby Now that I Found You Collection" was in constant rotation in her Atlanta home, coming out of every sibling and parent's room, and is considered (along with Pearl Jam) the largest influence on Lissy's love of vocalists. In 2000, after high school graduation, Lissy and three Georgia friends followed Pearl Jam around western Europe and the Southeast on the "Binaural" tour, confirming her deep love for rock music and poltical activism. In college, when Lissy was introduced to Bela Fleck, Lissy bought a banjo at Ben Harper's mother's folk music store while visitng a friend in LA, though she didn't begin official lessons in music theory and picking until 2006. While working as a federal employee at the National Institutes of Health, Lissy was briefly in the "Rosemont Family Reunion", an americana obscura rock band based out of a co-op housing basement in DC's Columbia Heights. When the band decided to split in November 2006, she and her now fellow Junior Leaguers begat this band. Lissy still performs with her father, Hal Beaver and Blackgrass, at Union Grove every memorial day in North Carolina. Martin Thomas Martin grew up in western Pennsylvania where his parents tried to make him learn to play the violin and piano. Unfortunately, they didn't realize that he was destined to play second base for the Pittsburgh Pirates and needed to devote his time to baseball practice. They also made the mistake of keeping a Pete Seeger song book in the house, and were forced to abandon all hope when he picked up a harmonica. He also likes riding a bike and annoying people with a banjo, though not yet simultaneously. Sadie Dingfelder Sadie was initiated into the terrifying world of improvisation when, in 2004, she was recruited off her front porch to play with a bluegrass band. Though she's been playing classical violin since age 10, it took many on-the-house drinks to get her onstage without the comfort of sheet music. More recently, members of Junior League have helped ease the transition by being very supportive and also by making concerned faces in Sadie's direction to indicate that she has a solo coming up. Elias Cohn Elias Cohn hails from lovely Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he grew up listening to his father's finger-style delta blues, ragtime, and gospel guitar arrangements. After receiving his first Jimi Hendrix album at the age of 12 he promptly demanded an electric guitar for his next birthday and spent the next 5 years mercilessly treating his friends, family, and neighbors to blistering renditions of Red House and Voodoo Chile. Upon moving to Colorado, he started writing, performing, and recording with two brilliant singer-songwriters, Alaina Mulawka and Caitlin Ryan, who brought him back to his acoustic blues and country roots. Several years later, Elias headed eastward to Washington D.C., where he began playing bass in a local cover band and jamming in the old-time sessions which his housemate and landlord--Junior League member, Martin Thomas—periodically held in his living room. Before long, Elias found himself busking on a street corner in Brooklyn with several members of Junior League. His family and friends have been trying to figure out what happened to him ever since. Kailin Yong Visit Kailin's web site at kailinyong.com