The Frontier Brothers
The Frontier Brothers Deep within the bowels of a grungy southern club, a crowd of over two hundred music fans squeeze in close to the stage, dancing religiously to the sound of pulsing bass drums, crunchy lead guitar, and spacey synth lines. At the behest of front-man Marshall Galactic, the masses storm the stage, turning rock show into intergalactic dance party. Dressed in silver, the horde of visionaries and musical voyagers fraternize with the band, screaming and yelling - the song stops and Galactic raises his hand to an interminable silence and utters.

"The Frontier Brothers are your friends."

Born in space, razed in Fort Worth, and now regenerating in Austin, The Frontier Brothers "have a love for the pure pleasures of music-making" (FW Weekly) that permeates their indie space-rock sound. Marshall Galactic, Brett Moses, and Travis Newman craft a new breed of danceable indie-pop inspired by artists ranging from David Bowie and ELO to WILCO and Ben Folds. "’80s Euro-synth lines mix with harmonicas, crafty melodies, and insouciant punk-ish vocals. [..] Just when you think a guitar part is going to fray off into a thrash thunderstorm, along comes a lovely piano bridge or a ’60s mop-top background vocal refrain a la The Turtles" (FW Weekly)

Since their SXSW dazzling debut in 2006, The Frontier Brothers have toured the country, playing sold-out shows at Arlene’s Grocery (New York), Zydeco (New Orleans), The Red Eyed Fly (Austin), and The Aardvark (Fort Worth). The space trio are currently touring, getting more visionaries and voyagers turned on to their new five-song EP, Solar Power Struggle!

"The Frontier Brothers cover the wicked terrain between The Beach Boys and The Kinks with just a touch of mad Syd Barrett," says Vivien Goldman, feature writer for Mojo, Rolling Stone, etc. However you describe them, The Frontier Brothers are simply out of this world. So grab a drink, scream at the top of your lungs, and Marshall Galactic might just reveal his secrets of space.

In short, The Frontier Brothers are ready to crash in to your world! Be there.