Jimbobwe Jimbobwe - a funky, jazzy, synth heavy jamband that is known for their unique sound, blend of styles and intense improvisation. Jimbobwe is Rob Cochran on bass/vocals, Taylor Pierce on guitar, Blake Catrair on piano/synth/keys/vocals, and Justin Fulton on drums/ vocals. The bass, drum and piano trio have been playing together and writing songs for over a year and a half. The addition of Taylor Pierce on guitar was just what they had been looking for. From Alabama, Jimbobwe is starting to play shows around the southeast. With the age ranging from 18 to 22 this band is young, but extremely talented, each member sound like a veteran on their instrument. Jimbobwe plays a mix of originals and covers. They have covered everything from Chick Corea to Parliment to Lotus to John Coltrane. Look for Jimbobwe to be growing tremendously in the next year and coming to a city near you.