The Feelin' Band
The Feelin' Band With his captivatingly passionate vocals, liquid piano and purposeful songwriting, Saint Paul, Minnesota native Nicholas Mrozinski is making music that is connecting with people, all around the world, on a deeply human level. Nicholas integrates many schools of music into his own blend of "Conscious Global Pop" that is honest, real, and magnetic. Nicholas is currently supporting his 4th studio album, Together We're Stronger, which can be heard at hundreds of College Radio stations across the country.

The vibrant and soulful Singer/Songwriters last three albums came with critical acclaim, but—with some big time help, and a ton of steam—it is his newest project, Together We’re Stronger, that delivers some truly great songs. In 2008 we watched Nicholas lose over 100+ pounds and perform over 150+ shows. This newfound energy, passion, and momentum brought All-Star Minnesota musicians out of the woodwork to be a part of his new album. Together We’re Stronger is not only a representation of the times we all currently face together, but also a validation of the thriving local Twin Cities music scene. The players contributing to the album span over 40+ local bands, unofficially dubbed “The Feelin Orchestra” after Mrozinski’s nickname “The Feelin”.

The way everybody came together to contribute like this really makes the album name ring HOME. It also says a lot about Nicholas’ individual talents. Ask any of the contributing musicians and they’ll tell you that Nicholas’ music is special. Referring to his “global and magnetizing voice,” Rift Magazine believes he is “a chosen one”. Budgeteer News discovered that his “music draws you in, and keeps you fixated from the first note. It's like falling in love with music all over again.” Summing it up is The Duluth News Tribune who proclaims, “This man is capable of producing such a warm sound, you’d swear you were sitting in front of an open flame.”

Nicholas and his own Label, Wake the World, are among an emerging trend of Conscious-Capitalists and Eco-Entrepreneurs. Giving back, connecting and sharing are as big a part of their business model as turning a profit. As they build and strive to maintain a position where they can help others, they put the world’s interests equal to their own. All of their CD packaging and mailings feature "green" design, using only recycled materials and FSC certified board. Nicholas and his label hope to reach out and connect with other like-minded organizations and individuals and are openly seeking volunteer opportunities.

Mrozinski and Wake the World, plan on releasing ten albums over the next five years. Mrozinski has already amassed hundreds of original songs, making his ambitious plan a very achievable goal.