Strange Design
Strange Design A new study released this week has revealed that plenty of Phish is a necessary part of a well-balanced musical diet. This should come as little surprise, as the Vermont-based foursome is protein-packed and easily-digestible, providing listeners with their much-needed aural nutrients. Although the species disappeared for a few years--leaving many wondering how they would satisfy their aural nutritional needs--they recently resurfaced in a strange vessel some refer to as “The Mothership.” Despite the temporary absence, one thing remains unchanged---Phish is highly-addictive. With the demand vastly outnumbering the supply, many fans are simply not meeting their Phish needs. For those in desperate need of a hearty supplement, Strange Design offers fans an opportunity to hear their favorite shows performed live in their entirety. Much like the way in which Dark Star Orchestra performs sets from the expansive Grateful Dead catalogue, Strange Design performs entire shows from the first twenty years of Phish's career. This approach has helped set them apart from other Phish tribute acts and garnered them critical praise: "This is not a band that plays its fourteen favorite Phish covers -- they study and re-enact full concerts from an era when the band was the most dynamic force in live improvisational music...This is a band that makes it alright to admit you were a Phish die-hard, and will probably leave you recounting your favorite tour stories to complete strangers after the encore..." (Nick Levy, The Brooklyn Revue). Strange Design strives to reconnect the dispersed Phish community by taking show requests from fans, including all the extra-musical components that made Phish unique (trampolines, vacuum solos, choreographed dances, etc), traveling with a full light show, and recreating the energy, sound, and improvisational spirit of the different eras in Phish's career. In short, they want fans to relive the complete Phish concert experience in the intimacy of smaller clubs and music halls close to their doorstep.