Matthew Hansen
Matthew Hansen When asked why he started playing the guitar Matthew Hansen responded, "I didn't have a choice, the blues needed a way out and it just happened."

After losing his father at the age of 11, Matthew relentlessly pursued the only thing that brought him peace, the electric guitar. It wasn't until he heard Dave Matthews and Paul Simon that he realized songwriting was a discipline that could help him take the weight off his heavy heart. In 2004, while 'attending' San Jose State University, he realized what he wanted to accomplish musically; link the sweat on the strings with the craft of songwriting. Bent and determined to put the two together, Matthew left for his hometown of Berkeley to assemble a band and put his vision in motion.

Now propelling *his* sound through the constructs of a power trio, Hansen is an electric showman. Comparisons have been drawn to those he admires most; Buddy Guy, B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix. Palpable, vibrant energy fills his performances, spilling from the stage out into the audience.

This up-and-coming guitarist/singer/songwriter blends his love of playing the blues with his natural pop sensibilities, making him easily accessible to a widespread audience. With a distinctive style influenced by many, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Paul Simon, and John Mayer, Matthew's musical goal is to integrate the licks, lyrics, and tone of blues music into a more mainstream sound.