The Burning Dirty Band
The Burning Dirty Band The Burning Dirty Band inhabit interesting space where English degrees and dirt under the fingernails co-habitate comfortably. Prankster spirits entwine around weighty ruminations on longing and loss, but then settle back on the porch with a beer and a notion to go toss around the pigskin. Wherever their muse goes, it's a colorful ride- moody, melodic, irreverent, and insightful by turns. Progressive and provocative yet grounded among the rich traditions of the best rock ever created. Their style is equal parts well-honed songcraft and inspired slop. With critical acclaim for the most recent album "17 Year Sun", a growing Virginia and DC metro-area fanbase, and appearances at regional venues such as The State Theater (Falls Church, VA), Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA), Top of the Stairs (Blacksburg, VA), and the SoundQuilt and Wilderness Jam festivals, the BDB are poised to spread into new mid-Atlantic venues and win over fresh converts. Relix magazine says, "The band certainly has a quirky feel... and an addictive quality, not to mention a subtle sense of humor that lurks in the darker regions of its sound... The old adage of a bad originator is better than a thousand imitators certainly rings true here: except these guys are good originators." added this: "Phish meets Wilco... Combine a garage band edge with a sharply tuned wit and a Beatles-esque pop sensibility and you get partially there."

The BDB are working again with Steve West (Pavement; Marble Valley; Silver Jews) to record a follow-up to the well-received 2004 album "17 Year Sun". Yeah, it's rock. A little off-kilter. Sometimes swaggering and funky. Occasionally pretty, for lack of a better term, revealing subtle power glimmering beneath a delicate surface. And then at times delving into some weird musical neighborhood where the locals are ugly and rowdy, and the directions don't seem to add up. We'll sort it out in the end. Getting lost is just part of the adventure.

Listen. Dance. Dig in. Get dirty.