Modern Day Moonshine
Modern Day Moonshine The music industry is infatuated with labels. Categories. Genres. By sticking a band into any one of these, it simplifies the artist for the listener. This works great for most. When trying to apply this reasoning to Modern Day Moonshine, it actually complicates things.

With a catalog of original songs that reaches well into the hundreds, MDM jump genres and fuse styles on a dime, all while maintaining a distinct soulful sound that can only be identified as their own. Over the course of 6 years, over 600 gigs, and 4 studio albums, the trio have developed a sound that calls on the soulful sounds of the greats from the late sixties and early seventies. The MDM blend of funk, soul, rock, folk, jazz and blues creates a unique style that is led by the soulful and unmistakable vocals of MDM singer/guitarist Todd Goodnough. With a rhythm section driven by David Burrows (drums) and Brendan McCaskey (bass), the trio create a soundscape that would be consistent with bands comprised of at least twice as many members.

With an ever-growing arsenal of material, MDM launched the MDM Bootleggers in late 2010 to coincide with the release of their 4th studio album, 'Refuge' (Ripple Music). The opt-in fan list allows fans to receive a weekly link to a previously unreleased MDM song, along with a synopsis of that tune as well as a chance to win MDM gear.

'Refuge' continues to receive rave reviews and strong independent radio support. One review offered the best summary of MDM to date:

‘Despite the variety of styles, one doesn't get the impression that you listen to more than only one band. MODERN DAY MOONSHINE have a strong identity, resulting in an extremely cohesive album. The opener 'Unsung' brings back memories of Crosby, Still, Nash & Young, but the following track 'Expiration Date' is heading in a different direction. It's a powerful combination of funk and jazz where they prove that they easily master both styles. For these reasons, MODERN DAY MOONSHINE doesn't sound like a white band who are trying to imitate a black funk band.’ -