3fifths Tim Nodar - vocals, guitars
Josh Dunevant - bass, vocals
Matt Ellis - guitars, vocals
Jack Loercher - drums

What started as a side project for Tim Nodar, Matt Ellis, and Josh Dunavant, of the former Black River Circus, has quickly become a favorite amongst die hard music fans in the Baltimore/Washington music scene. Through a mutual friend, the boys teamed up with Jack Loercher and realized that there was something more than just music going on. An instant connection, both musically and personally was born, and through very mature song writing, 3fifths started playing some local and regional venues. Developing a devote fan base, 3fifths started to headline the best local venues in town and was recently dubbed the legendary 8X10's "New Favorite Band." After teaming up with Jerome Maffeo, studio genius and virtuosic drummer for Jimmie's Chicken Shack, 3fifths first studio release 'Did You' will be released fall of '07