FM Hi Low
FM Hi Low FM Hi Low is a journey founded on the voice and multi-instrumental compositions of Canadian musician Fraser MacDougall (FM). His latest record "Up On The Hillside" has been over a year in the making and springs from a natural evolution of sound and personal exploration.

Combining elements of folk, reggae, roots-rock, soul, electro and dub, the Fm Hi Low sound draws from many wells of inspiration to create something unique in timbre, rhythm and composition. FM has released three D.I.Y recordings since 2005, but the 2009 release "Up On The Hillside" is the first to capture the essence of the Hi-Low. Teamed up with Producer/Engineer Borza Ghomeshi, who has worked with the likes of such diverse artists as: Emmy-Lou Harris, Lauryn Hill, Afrodizz, Bass ma Boom, The McGarrigle Sisters, & Jason Bajada, FM HI Low found the Hi Fi sound he had been looking for. (see Discography for more on "Up On The Hillside")

With a positive vibe and great live performances FM Hi Low has been building a steady grass roots following since 2000. Raised in Montreal Quebec, FM soaked up the multi cultural essence of the city and it was audible in his music from an early age. When he was only 19 he traveled and performed on international stages in Australia, and New Zealand. Since his return to Canada in 2001 a fan base has been growing, with two solo west coast Canadian tours in 2006 and 2008, over 200 performances in Ontario and Quebec in the last two years and a month long Maritimes tour with the band in the summer of 2009.

FM has assembled a live ensemble with two other exceptional musicians to carry the FM Hi Low live torch, they are : Erik Schramek on Electric, Acoustic, and Sub Bass & Evan Volcano on Drum kit and Percussion.

As a trio these unique characters have taken the FM Hi Low live sound to new hights. A strong rhythm section is now the foundation that propels FM's signature percussive guitar style, smooth lead vocals, and dubby keyboard playing. On their recent east coast canadian tour the trio performed at everything from small cafes, to big concert venues and outdoor festivals and always made people move!

It is this dynamic ability that has allowed Fm Hi Low to open the stage for such diverse artists as Mishka, Joel Plaskett, the Wassabi Collective, the Wooden Sky, Kreesha Turner, Spiral Beach, The Slip, the Paper Lions and many others. Throughout this journey FM Hi low has developed an emblematic vibe: Movement music that soothes, grooves and inspires.