Noel Peterson
Noel Peterson His music has an array of sounds that I can't quite pinpoint. Perhaps a blend of Dave Matthews and Coldplay, or something just as complex and transcient. Let's let the fans decide on that. His sound is unlike many artists out there in the scene today and I have a feeling this guy is certainly onto something big...This artist is an artist to watch out for..."

Born and raised in Chicago, I was always hearing music. Not only was I hearing the music, but I was also picking it apart. I was so amazed and interested in different compositions of so many artists. As a child, my father would take me and my brother every weekend to get a new album of our choice. At first it started off as owning every Beatles album, but soon I had developed a musical library.

I have been influenced by many artists in my life, but the ones that really placed the impact were artists like Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Miles Davis, and the Dave Matthews Band. These were the artists that, to me, took their souls and devoted them to their music. Their compositions alone gave me the desire to pick up the guitar and write songs that came from my soul.

My goal is to cross the WorldBeat explorations of music with my songwriting.......connecting a sort of "Grassroots" mentality to the rhythms.