Dog Faced Gods
Dog Faced Gods Sometimes when a band experiences a significant line-up overhaul, it spells the end for them. But this proved to be the opposite for Dog Faced Gods. Only two original members remain left in the Highland, CA outfit - singer Short Dawg and drummer Paul Garcia, but according to Garcia, Dog Faced Gods is just hitting their stride. 'We just started from scratch for this new record. We first picked up Aaron [Brown] after one of our guitar players split. And then soon after that, our bass player split, and we got Billy [Winburn]. Just from there, writing became like a supernatural force - everyone started clicking together. The Album was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, CA and it was a very creative studio to work in - from performance inspirations to recording and production techniques.' On their second release overall, 'Spit In My Eye' is the group embraces a sound that is equally heavy and melodic - sounding like a direct descendent to the days when such hard rockin' classics as 'The black Album' and 'Facelift' were dominating the charts. Garcia agrees with this assessment. 'Some of the bands influences right now would have to be anything from early to mid '90s, like Alice in Chains, C.O.C., even the Cult. It can even range from anything Zakk Wykde's ever done - Black Label to Ozzy's stuff. We have a crazy, wide range of influences.'

And judging from the highlights on 'Spit In My Eye,' Garcia isn't kidding when he says 'We have a crazy, wide range of influences.' The album-opening rocker 'Meltdown,' has 'mainsteam rock radio written all over it - and the group recognized this, by giving the tract the nod as the album's first video. 'We just shot a video for 'Meltdown.' I think it probably one of the strongest tracks on the album. It has powerful riffs and meaningful lyrics. It has what I think music needs today, a kick in the ass! The song is about how the current leaders of our generation are fucking up the world. It's kind of political, kind of artsy in a way.'

But Garcia is also quick to point out that Dog Faced Gods has a lighter side, as well. 'We have some fun songs too - because we like to joke a lot, and we're really sarcastic people. We have a song called 'Bad Motherfucker' - it's about the 'Courteous American Motorist.' It's really rock n' roll at its best.'

Released via Short Dawg's own label, Voodoo Nation, 'Spit In MY Eye' will be supported by non-stop touring. Garcia explains why the album is best experienced being played live in the flesh. 'I think everyone can look forward to seeing really outstanding musicianship from everybody. Our live show is really high energy. Maybe there's no acrobatic shit or choreographed head banging, but there might be a spitting contest! Every show we bang it out.' Also bolstering Dog Faced God's live sound is the recent addition of a second guitarist, Duane [Jones].

With heavy metal once more embraced by video outlets, media, and radio, Garcia feels that he genre will grow even stronger - especially from what he's seen first hand, recently. 'Now you have your emo/screamo bands that took over the scene. It's a fucking indie nightmare, a scenester disease. Together we can take it back. I'm glad to see bands starting their own labels and staying true to themselves and their fans. Not following the trend of the week.'

As far as future goals that the band has set, D.F.G. hopes to build a sizable following the old fashioned way. 'We are really looking forward to getting on the road and meeting new fans and making new friends, not so much as trying to sell a billion records. I guess that's everyone's goal, right?' And that's not a bad goal to have, especially when you've just unleashed an album like 'Spit In My Eye'