The Heavy
The Heavy The weight that you are experiencing has come from the depths of a little town, just outside of Bath called Noid. This is where acoustic guitars and age old samplers, coupled with the filthiest horns, guitar licks and disturbing lower frequencies dwell, in the heads of The Heavy. Picture Tom Waits fostering the Rza while John Bonham and The Parliaments host a gargage sale for Chester Burnett, Willie Mitchell and the Stooges. That kind of thought will get you into a whole heap of trouble and mess, as we found out. The Heavy wreak of lo fi samples, broken down beats, a disgusting but yet compelling delivery on all fronts and more stinky than anything that has ever come out of your back passage. Like arriving at the gates of Heaven wearing nothing but your dignity, Jordan XI's and a pair of horns, The Heavy release the long awaited album, 'Great Vengeance and Furious Fire' on the 29th October 2007 in the U.K and the rest of Europe, with The Sonics/ Chess inspired single, 'In the morning' to be released a week later on 5th November 2007. The Japanese will be able to pick the album up from the 27th October. Great Vengeance gets released in the States early next year.