2Cents Unlike today's scads of posturing pretty boys trying to cram the Extreme back into extreme music, the guys from 2Cents (frontman/drummer extraordinaire Adam O'Rourke, bassist Jesse Fishman and guitarists Dean Woodward and Dave O┬╣Rourke [Adam's older brother]) can play. The unhinged abandon bulging from 2Cents' Gotizm/Atlantic debut, "LOST AT SEA", isn't just a product of talent, but relentless passion and commitment. The band isn't content with merely paying homage to the sordid sounds of their youth, but doing something original with them. You can hear it in the delay-soaked spaghetti western stomp of "The Mark of My Pen." Or the technical metalcore-nodding picks of "Wired," which careen into breakneck punk chugging before the outfit ignites a triumphant chorus that's all their own. 2Cents are back at home now, writing the follow up to 2006's Lost At Sea!!!