Funk Dirty
Funk Dirty Funk Dirty is well known to college students throughout the United States and has built a reputation for packed shows and explosive performances.

Funk Dirty is a hip-hop, funk, and jazz band that plays original music.

Funk Dirty is new funk for the future exploring the sounds of the past with the technology of today.

Funk Dirty is young, talented and ready for anything.

Funk Dirty consists of 5 core members that are full time students spread throughout Boston, Miami, Dallas, and San Marcos.

They are able to reach a significant fan base through word-of-mouth and strategic use of social media.

Hunter Hauk of Quick DFW has called Funk Dirty "crowd pleasing", "solid headliner", and "college favorite". called Funk Dirty, "a funky jam band with an unusual band setup"

Nasty Future recorded @ Valley of the Kings will be released in late spring 2010.