GOOD GRAVY! "Good Gravy’s self-titled first release has a little something to please any breed of hippie, Kentucky bootlegger, or drunken wanderer. The album rambles between bluegrass, jam, electronica, and world musics like a hillbilly Phish fan at a Zambian nightclub." - Scene Magazine

"You got to make it to this show!" - Durango Telegraph

"Fort Collins jam band GOOD GRAVY! uses two drummers and an electric mandolin to push its bluegrass roots to new musical horizons." - Steamboat Pilot & Today

"Dueling mandolin and guitar solos carry the songs from a foot-stomping rumpus to chemical dance beats and into a laid-back, Deliverance-style twang. Intermittent synth solos and persistent hand-drums allow the songs to betray their Appalachian roots." - Scene Magazine

This Fort Collins based Jam Band specializes in Jam-Grass, but also flavors their style of music with other realms, primarily Electronica, Funk, and World. Each of the band members use Acoustic & Electric instruments - Mandolin, Guitar, Upright Bass, Drums, and Percussion. A Synthesizer and Ableton Live are also taken advantage of by these no boundary musicians.

Over the past 2 years Good Gravy has seen a significantly increasing fan base in Colorado and the surrounding states, packing venues at every stop. The summer of 2010 was extremely busy for GG, making an appearance at the Wakarusa Music Festival, touring the Midwest, recording their debut album at the highly acclaimed Backbone Studios(Loveland, CO) and producing it themselves as well!

With over 40 originals under their belt, the fans were on their toes about which songs GG decided to throw down on their first album. Released on Aug 27th, 2010 at Aggie Theatre, the self-titled album "Good Gravy!" made its appearance and features 10 songs that represent the band and their many styles appropriately. Their debut album definitely cements there position as an up and coming Colorado Jam Band.

As for GG's live performances, they're an explosion of what they call "PartyGrass" and punchy dance grooves. Blending in and out of many styles, this band has surprises around every corner, and is sure to keep you moving on the dance floor. There is something unique about how this band flows in and out of their extreme jams and flavors of music. It keeps the audience craving more after each nasty jam.

SCI, Phish, YMSB, STS9, among others, have all largely inspired the music GG chooses to create. This band is guaranteed to throw down "Psychedelic Dance Beats", "Hard Driving Bluegrass", and "Intense Improv Jams". Their fresh sound takes Jam-Grass to a new and exciting level. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing this band perform live, then do yourself a favor and and check them out.