DJ Skribble
DJ Skribble Skribble is setting new standards on the dance floor, the recording studio, radio, television, and with the recent introductory of DJ Skribbles Spinheads and Skribbles Auto Spa, even in the toy and custom automobile industries! He is among dance-music's most respected and acclaimed DJs; a multi-media personality, visionary, actor, producer, and artist.

Skribble (a moniker derived from his graffiti/art school days) first came to prominence in the early 1990s as the founder of the Young Black Teenagers (YBT) with MCs Ata, Tommy Never, Firstborn and Kamron. Their acclaimed hard-core debut was cut with assistance from Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad. Young Black Teenagers, replete with cover art that brazenly spoofed Meet The Beatles, yielded several hits. The group also stirred a great deal of controversy as none of the members were actually black, though they fully supported African-American culture and politics. A sophomore effort, Dead End Kids Doin' Lifetime Bidz, incorporated the talents of The Bomb Squad, Keith Shocklee, and Grandmaster Flash, and included the band's signature hit "Tap The Bottle".

As a solo artist, Skribble has enjoyed enormous success based on a work ethic that embraces the most disparate musical genres along with the discerning instincts of a master musician. "There is no music or culture that is unacceptable to me" he emphasizes. "One night I'll be doing a rave, another night I may work a commercial college club, then I'll move on to underground house. That's why I'm constantly on the road." Skribble's craft, though sometimes underestimated, is in a constant state of evolution. "DJs like me first gained respect from the musical community when they saw the amazing response we received from the crowd." During Public Enemy's Fear Of A Black Planet tour, Skribble DJ-ed with alternative avant-garde rock super-group Primus long before it was acceptable to meld rock and electronica. Night after night Skribble battled bassist Les Claypool in a call and response free-for-all jam. "In concert, I'm always improvising, changing the beats, matching the records, and scratching over them. I play off a musical intellect to do that, because I actually change the rhythm and groove of a whole record." Skribble has also performed as a DJ with Anthrax, Biggie Smalls, Craig Mack, Channel Live, K7, and Artifacts, and shared the bill on a tour with the Chemical Brothers.

An avowed road warrior, Skribble logs in over 300 concert dates per year. He has also hosted a vast array of MTV programming: Spring Break, Fly 2K, Sisqo's Shakedown, Global Groove, MTV Jams, The Grind, and the Daily Burn. On radio, hes torn it up on Skribble's House (WKTU-FM in New York) and Hot 97's Morning Show with Ed Lover & Doctor Dre (WQHT-FM in New York). Additional appearances include TVs Showtime At The Apollo, the Off-Broadway hit Jam On The Groove, and the Broadway musical Hip Hop Wonderland.

Skribbles released over fourteen albums including Essential Dance 2000, Essential Spring Break 2001 (debut ..1 on Billboard's "Heatseekers" survey), Skribble's House, and his latest cd, a collaboration with DJ Anthony Acid, Reloaded. Skribble's top selling hip-hop mix compilation, Traffic Jams, included original contributions from artists including Run (of Run DMC), Busta Rhymes, Lauren Hill, Wyclef, and Prakazrel (The Fugees). The follow-up cd, Traffic Jams 2000, boasted a line-up of exclusive material Gang Starr, Kurupt, Fat Joe & Big Pun, Juvenile, and AZ . Skribble is presently working on new collaborations with Johnny Vicious, HARRY CHO CHO , Eric Morillo, DJ Escape, JASON OJEDA, AND SAL BASILE on his upcoming THRIVE/PERFECTO album to be released this spring.

"Because I work in so many different markets, I can gauge what's happening all over the country. That's what I feed off of. I talk to local DJs, and local radio stations to learn what the kid's are grooving to. I play for the people. I play what they want to hear, not just for myself. Sometimes that can be very hard when I really like an unknown record and I want the people to like it. My goal is to take them on a trip, a musical journey. "

Skribble's work as a producer, scratch-er, and re-mix artist includes an astonishing list of collaborations with the most respected names in rock, r & b, dance, and hip-hop. "I never feel the pressure to make a hit record. I'm encouraged by the challenge, that's what I thrive on, that's what drives me." His scratches accentuated the Fugee's The Score and Wyclef Jean's Carnival. With partner Anthony Acid, Skribble's imprint can be heard on chart-topping re-mix hits by Missy Elliott ("This Is For My People"), Pink ("Most Girls"), Eden's Crush ("Love This Way"), Samantha Mumba ("Gotta Tell You"), Olive ("I'm Not In Love"), and Grace ("It's Not Over"), among many others.

"The recording studio is an instrument unto itself" notes Skribble. "It's the beginning of the whole creative process. Taking it out and bringing it to the masses in the clubs and watching the creation come alive is the greatest thrill. That's when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly." Skribble's father was a professional singer with doo-wop ensembles, The Ovations and The Velva Tones. Raised to the sounds of oldies radio and modern rock on the FM dial, Skribble absorbed every nuance of funk, soul, rock, pop, and jazz that traversed the airwaves. "I loved the diversity of radio. Back then, my family didn't quite understand me when I told them I wanted to be a DJ. It was not a popular thing like it is today." Citing the fact that last year more turntables were sold in the United States than guitars or drums, Skribble recalls, "I had to prove to everyone that I could do this. Thank God it all worked out. This is all I've ever done. I've been very fortunate."