Daylow & Hyphen-one
Daylow & Hyphen-one ...Something different. A funky blend of acid jazz with progressive songwriting styles behind hiphop and soul style singing in a positive,party-style tone.

This is music for open-minded listeners who can appreciate something unique and new

Hyphen One- Vocals, Keys
BenJamin Earl- Bass
Steve Dans- Drums, Samples, Percussion
Jake Nowak- Guitar, Vocals
DJ B Easy- Phonograph aka Turntables
Matt- Trombone
Ruby- Vocals

Daylow is a live band influenced by various musical genres such as Funk, R and B, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin, Drum and Bass, Dance and Hip Hop(of course); all of which are incorporated and blended to create their fresh and unique sound. The versatility and raw talent of front man Hyphen-One, combined with the wide-scoped musicianship of Ben Jamin Earl(Bass), Jake Nowak (Guitar), Steve Dans (Drums) and DJ B Easy(Turntables) separate Daylow from other bands. With the addition of Matt on the trombone, Shooby on sax and the soulful sultry vocals of Ruby, their sound is bound to capture a wide array of audiences.

Playing in venues such as the Lion's Den in NYC, Southpaw in Brooklyn, Ohm Lounge in Syracuse and many New Jersey venues, plus opening up for national acts like Lordz of Brooklyn and RA the Rugged Man, their live shows often incorporate a full horn section, break dancers, beat boxers and artists setting an energetic party type atmosphere.

Having done basic tracking on a new full length album due to be released later on in the year, Daylow is anxious to get their message and material out to the masses.