The Erotics
The Erotics The Erotics are electrifying the world of rock-n-roll with a fistful of snarl and a full dose of snotty attitude and sneers. Lead by founding member Mike Trash, The Erotics, Trash (Lead Guitar, Vox), Billy Belaire (Bass/Backup Vox), Johnny Riott (Drums/Percussion), and Rachel Toxic (Lead Guitar) deliver unapologetically raw rock-n-roll with unabashed reality, infectious hooks, and a sly knack for sarcasm. From the punk rock beginnings of their debut release Born To Destroy through the decadent and delinquent bluesy releases 21st Century S.O.B. and All That Glitters Is Dead and on to the diseased and depraved Rock N Roll Killing Machine, The Erotics with their latest CD Rock-N-Roll Killing Machine have cultivated a sound harking back to the days when rock-n-roll was real, dirty, and unwashed. But with an ear for catchy refrains, sleazy riffs, driving rhythms, and more low-slung guitar swagger then a surly James Dean, The Erotics have set themselves apart by not only capturing the essence of rock-n-roll rebellion, but also by infusing it with a new, refreshing sound that could very well be what saves it.

Live The Erotics are masters of the stage. Trash captivates the audience with his engaging vocals and commanding guitar performance while Billy and Johnny pull in all the corners, refusing to let the audience passively dismiss the band. The recent addition of lead guitarist Rachel Toxic has given the band an extremely formidable guitar tandem and completes a tremendously dynamic live lineup. Audiences have proved highly receptive with vocal interactions, crowd participation, and brisk merchandise sales. Banter revolving around past and upcoming shows has fueled curiosity and legend, drawing more and more fans with every performance.

The highly anticipated release of 30 Seconds Over You has been generating a prolonged and sustained buzz and has set the stage for 2007 being the busiest yet for Trash and his cohorts. With two successful European tours under their belts as well as scores of dates and tours across the country in recent years, The Erotics are planning their most extensive touring schedule to date to support the disc and capitalize on a growing national and international fan base. A full US summer tour has been booked culminating in their third appearance at the annual LA Cruefest. European dates are also being planned for this coming fall with The Erotics returning to their eager fans in England, and, in response to popular demand, for d├ębut appearances in Spain.

As one of the best kept (not-so) secrets in rock, The Erotics are riding the wave of the new rock-n-roll resurgence and are leading the charge, poised to expose themselves and sleazy, kick-ass rock-n-roll to the entire world.