Sans Souci Quartet
Sans Souci Quartet Sans Souci Quartet is a Minneapolis based string band and that plays with bluegrass instruments while not sounding a whole lot like bluegrass. Their sound is the product of many inspired nights spent in a clutterd uptown apartment, enjoying the company of acoustic instruments and brown liquor. The band name comes from an old Peter Rowan story that makes a passing reference to Jerry Garcia's front porch:

"And when we first met Jerry, David said, you know Garcia lives just up the hill. I said Jerry Garica? He says yeah, said he likes to play banjo, I said you're kidding. We went up there, we walked up there, and theres a little sign above his door that says 'Sans Souci', which I think in French means 'no problem'." -Peter Rowan

Eric Larson - Mandolin
Zach Gusa - Guitar
Eric Roberts - 5 string banjo
Bob Radspinner - Upright Bass