The Frail
The Frail The Frail creates sensual, vulnerable and provocative electronic pop music that has the potential to appeal to many generations. With vocalist Daniel Lannon's (former lead singer of The Faraday Effect) smooth, stylishly sincere, warm falsetto vocals, and co-writing, guitar and production efforts of Kevin Xiu, bass from Daniel Sams, and drums from Tim Sams this band has the potential to be what the Eurythmics were to the eighties. With their growing fan base in San Francisco and abroad they are sure to become a household name very soon! They have shared the stage with bands like Justice, Hot Chip, CSS, TV On The Radio, Goldfrapp, The Teenagers, Hollywood Undead, MXPX, Family Force Five, Emery, The Lovemakers, The Virgins, and more. In addition they have been played and charted on both National and International radio, tv, and most recently have had placements in a Nike/Patagonia ad, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Stylist, Kourtney and Chloe Kardashian Take Miami, Road Rules, Real World, Good Girls Bad Girls, Finding Aloha, & The Snake (Margret Cho). Currently the band is hard at work on their first full length and world tour, keep an ear out for their new self titled release "The Frail" coming out in 2010.