Hampster Pants
Hampster Pants Formed in August 2007, three friends started jamming, loved how it sounded and then took it farther by officially forming a band. This band became known as Hampster Pants, based on an epiphane our bassist had over a cup of tea. We love playing shows with no setlist in mind which leaves our routes of jamming to be endless. A band for about a year now, we are finally coming into our own, mostly playing gigs at our homebase, the Scarlet & Grey Cafe, we love playing any or all other places too. We want to get our sound out!! For booking contact our drummer/manager-Korey Migdal by phone 330-603-0074 or by email; migdal.1@osu.edu. come dants to the pants, you'll enjoy!! "This band sounds like a groovy, funky, in yo face, dance party, you gotta catch their live show to really experience how to DANTS!!" -Alyson Master