Cipes and The People
Cipes and The People Cipes and The People perfectly deliver a strong message of Peace, Positivity, Love and Unity throughout their Reggae influenced debut, while fusing Hip Hop, Pop and Rock throughout the album to create an eclectic mix of positive uplifting revolutionary GOOD music. Proven to create an amazing live experience delivering devoted followers the positivity through music they deserve while gaining new members of the "Conscious Revolution" with every performance. While never outdoing each other, the extreme musicianship of The People take everyone in the crowd through an educational journey accompanied by words of positive change and respect for the environment and each other, while never letting you stop dancing for a minute.

The Band “Cipes and The People” was launched on the MTV series “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN” which aired on MTV in December 2006 - Febuary 2007. Greg Cipes was in the series and the band and music was featured while gaining world wide exposer and establishing a massive fan base from the 350 hours of the shows run on MTV.

Greg Cipes has been in many major network T.V. shows promoting and playing CIPES and THE PEOPLE’s music including a series regular roll on upn’s “ONE on ONE”, HBO’s Deadwood. And recently Guest starring roles on fox networks “House”, CBS’s “Without A Trace”, ABC’s “Raines”. Greg has co-starred in many movies including National Lampoons "Pledge This” alongside Paris Hilton (2006) and John Tucker Must Die along side Brittany Snow and Jesse Metcalf (2007) and FOX Searchlight and Broken Lizards “Club Dread”.

Greg is also the voice for many cartoon characters, most recognized for his roll as Beast Boy from the WB’s/Cartoon networks hit Series and Movies “TEEN TITANS” and the voice Ryan in Walt Disney pictures Feature Film “THE WILD”.