Pickford Sundries
Pickford Sundries Pickford Sundries - Tampa, Florida- almost purely random assortment of five musicians from across the country that share an uncommon love of a dying American art form that is seldom mastered, and rarely profitable. An air force brat bass player from Texas, rhythm guitar and vocals from Long Island, New York, a mandolin player from North Carolina, a lead guitar player from Pensacola, and a Dobro player navy brat from Switzerland Florida, stuck somewhere in age between baby boomers and gen X-ers, these boys somehow find the time between day jobs, kids, wives, and honeydo's, to play and practice bluegrass in lieu of therapy, medication, or AA. Their musical heroes range from Miles Davis to Bill Monroe and anything or anybody decent, hardworking, talented, or honest in-between. If you'd like a little sip of raw, acoustic, unfiltered, non-digitized Americana, strongly flavored by Scotts-Irish melodies and Appalachian pain (black & white), uncompromised by the modern musical factories, and cooked up in a variety of Jazz progressions, then you come on out and see the Sundries for yourself.