The Ramonas
The Ramonas There are a whole load of great musicians involved in the Ramonas, and the band has a floating line-up - each date will be a combination of 4 of the people on this page.

The Ramones are one of the most influential punk rock bands in history. Although most of the band have passed away (RIP Joey, DeeDee and Johnny) their legacy lives on and they have become legends. They have a huge legion of dedicated fans and there are more people in this world who own a Ramones t-shirt than don't.

The Ramonas have been formed in honour of the Ramones. Clare from AntiProduct is a huge (no pun intended) fan and after having backed up Marky Ramone as Johnny at the Underworld in England, became obsessed with the idea of forming her own Ramones tribute band so she could always play more Ramones songs and help keep the memory of her favourite band alive, but with the twist of being an all girl band - girls in skimpy clothing with big boots rocking hard and playing Ramones songs is the recipe for a great night out in anyone's books.

Due to the fact that all the girls involved in The Ramonas kick some serious ass and are all in other bands also, there are a large number of girls involved, so the lineup depends on who is not on tour at the time.

The Ramonas try to capture the magic which the Ramones had in their early days. The on stage energy level is intense to put it mildly. Unfortunately it will never be possible to see the Ramones live again so the Ramonas are the next best thing for any Ramones fan. The intention of a Ramonas show is for everyone present to have a really good time, rocking out to really great, timeless tunes being played really well and with enthusiasm.