Tony Banks
Tony Banks In September 1963 Tony moved from Boar's Hill Prep School, Hurst Green to Charterhouse, Godalming. At the age of 16 he concentrated his study on mathematics, physics and chemistry. Not only did he play classical piano concerts, but he also played modern pop acts. He would play the songs of the Beatles and other successful groups of that time without sheet music. He wasn't at ease in the strict Charterhouse settings and quickly found a friend with the same problems - Peter Gabriel. The two friends started to make music and in 1966 and became 'The Gardenwall' (together with Chris Stewart, another schoolmate). At the legendary end of term concert in the summer of 1966 they played together with 'The Anon', a group that Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips belonged to. As The Anon had lost two of their members, they asked Tony to play with them. Tony took his friend Peter (a drummer at the time) with him and Peter took over the singing part in the band at the second day. A little later the group developed into Genesis.

At the end of 1967 Tony left Charterhouse to study mathematics at the Sussex University. During the next year he lived in a small flat with Peter Gabriel and another friend. In the summer of 1969 Tony decided together with Mike, Anthony, Peter and John to become professional musicians. In the following years, Tony became a versatile and talented Keyboard Player. He also shaped Genesis from the beginning as they had a very talented composer on their side.

1978 Tony wrote (together with Mike Rutherford) the score for the movie "The Shout". Unfortunately the soundtrack has still not been published, but Tony used the main theme also in the composition of "From the Undertow" (A Curious Feeling).

In 1979 Tony released the Album "A Curious Feeling" which climbed up in the charts to 21. The story of this album should have been about the Science Fiction Story "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes. However, at the same time there was a musical in London, which used the same story.

In the year 1983 he published his second album called "The Fugitive". This time Tony even tried to act as a singer. Although he kept the melodies simpler, it was not easy for him to sing. In the same year he did the instrumental soundtrack for the movie "The Wicked Lady". The A-side of the tape was completely done by Tony himself and the B-Side contained the arrangements of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London.

In 1984 Tony got his first offer from Hollywood. This soundtrack should have been for the movie "2010". It took him about half a year to compose it and when he finished he had done over 2 hours of music. But everything he sent to Hollywood was rejected and the project ended without his music being used for the movie.

But these compositions weren't useless. He used some bits to do the soundtrack for "Lorca and the Outlaws" (also known as Starship) in 1985. Fact was that this movie had such a small budget that Tony agreed to work for free.

1986 followed the Soundtrack for "Quicksilver". In the same year he released the Album "Soundtracks" where the music from "Lorca and the Outlaws" and "Quicksilver" were put together as a compilation.

In 1989 he released "Bankstatement". On the Vocals were Jamey Klimek and Alister Gordon. Followed by the Album "Still" in 1991. On this album Andy Tailor, Nik Kershaw, Fish and the second time Jamey Klimek were on thevocals.

In 1995 Tony released his (until now) last album "Strictly Inc". This album was a mixture of modern sounds and traditional Banks elements.

Name: Anthony George Banks Date of birth: 27th March 1950 Time of birth: 7.30 am Place of birth: East Hoathly, Sussex Parents: Nora and John Banks Siblings: Mary, Margaret, Pauline, John Family stand: married since 1972 with Margaret children: Emily and Benjamin