Imperative Reaction
Imperative Reaction Making a splash with Redemption and 2005 tour in support of VNV Nation as well as other high profile shows with Tiger Army and their appearance at the legendary Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Germany, Imperative Reaction began work their next album. For the interim between releases, the band re-released their out of print debut Eulogy For The Sick Child. The re-issue was completely re-vamped and re-mastered with brand new artwork (including lyrics), two unreleased tracks from the Eulogy… recording sessions and a 2006 remix of their 1999 club hit “Scorpio.” With expectations high for the new album, Imperative Reaction spent over a year slaving over it. These standards were met and surpassed, and the new album for 2006, As We Fall, is a triumphant, cohesive effort from start to finish. Emotionally driven vocals, punchier bass lines, and driving synths are masterfully blended to display the growth of this phenomenal young act. Drawing from influences ranging everywhere from AFI and Nine Inch Nails to modern EBM and noise, this album stands as a cathartic dance floor classic.