Psychostick Beer is good (and stuff), but Psychostick returns this May with a much bigger appetite on their new album, "Sandwich." Having spent the last two and a half years touring throughout the U.S., the band built a solid audience while promoting their 2006 release, "We Couldn't Think Of A Title." Song titles from "Sandwich" include "#1 Radio $ingle," "Girl Directions," "Do You Want a Taco," and "Caffeine."

Formed in Phoenix, AZ, in late 2000, the members of Psychostick combined their love of metal and hardcore with a brand of humor found only in the modern introvert. Surrounded by the influences of Machinehead, Bloodhound Gang, Sevendust, countless video games, and really bad movies, this aural buffet was quickly dubbed "humorcore."

It wasn't until a homemade Flash video for the song "Beer Is Good... And Stuff" became a viral hit that the band saw any real future with their creation. By June 2005, the song was a #1 single on XM Radio's Squizz 48 (now called Octane), where it stayed for seven weeks. Among the countless stations who also added "Beer" to their rotation, WIIL in Chicago, WYSP in Philly, WRIF in Detroit, and KXXR in Minneapolis showed the strongest results. In 2006, WAAF in Boston went so far as to have the band play the song on a parade float during a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Seeing a demand for live performances, the band said goodbye to steady paychecks and hit the road.

On September 12, 2006, Psychostick made their Rock Ridge Music debut with the re-release of "We Couldn't Think Of A Title." Reaching #4 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, the album gave audiences "Two Ton Paperweight," "Jagermeister Love Song," "ABCDeath," "Orgasm = Love," and of course, "Beer."

One year later the band would release the "Flesheating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride." The 26-minute EP contains the fan-favorites "Jolly Ol' Sadist," "Jinglebell Metal," and "Happy Fxxking NewYear." The album would serve as the base for what came next.

In December 2007, Psychostick launched what would become a touring tradition – the annual Holiday Hate Tour. The band quickly followed up with a February-March run titled the Holy Crap We're Touring Tour. Among the hits and new music, the band unveiled their hilarious Drowning Pool parody, "I Can Only Count to Four." A live video of the song posted on YouTube has since been viewed over 36,000 times.

In May 2008, Psychostick took their live performance to whole new level by asking fans to wear the worst shirts they could find. The six-week Terrible Shirt Tour gave fans an opportunity to be a part of the show as well as display what shouldn't have been worn in the first place. This tour also marked the debut of Psychostick as an official Jagermeister band. Along for the experience were opening bands Look What I Did and Powerglove. After doing a one-off performance on the Jager stage at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival (on the Phoenix date) in mid-July, the band went into pre-production for "Sandwich." By September, Psychostick was laying down tracks at Toxic Recording.

The last song recorded was "373 Thank Yous." 373 represents the number of fans who are individually thanked in the song for donating $50 or more to help the band pay for studio time and equipment. "373 Thank Yous" has a run-time of 14:19.

In December 2008, Psychostick celebrated their 4,000,000th song play on MySpace. The band ranks #3 on the site's independent comedy charts.

On May 5, 2009, "Sandwich" will hit the stores, and Psychostick will hit the road to support it. In the meantime, fans will have "The Birthening" to nosh on. The bands first ever DVD is filled with live and off-stage footage from 2006 through 2008 and will be available in March.

Only one question remains: do you want to metal?