Mum It´s hard to tell who we are anymore, so I guess we are waiting to find out. It keeps changing like the bleedin' weather, like striped underwear, like a random summer, like a teenage boys voice. Well, nothing to do but wait then.

The feeling of the music is hard to explain. Maybe a cross between something and something else, you know like music critics say. "It´s like Aerosmith and Spin Doctors stuck together in an elevator", obviously they don´t say stuff like that about us, but they could say something in that direction so you know what I mean. I can make up one of these for us: "It´s like a cross between hovering silently over a field of rhubarb jam and breaking your teeth, remembering how you broke your teeth or dreamily anticipating the time that you eventually will." Doesn´t quite seem right though, but we tried.

We have done a lot of things, we used to be the kids who split noise in half like a fruit. And we are in many ways kind of proud of what we have done, all the music that is. And I think we might even be proudest of the extra curricular activity, I mean outside the albums, like the silent films we have played to and soundtracked, the radio theater we have conjured, the music for stages and the music we played with the Dutch radio kammerorkestra and all the things we have made up with other people, the collaborations and improvisations.

Yup, múm is almost 9 years old now, in one or two years we think. It depends on how you count or if you actually know how to count. Counting is not important and we are a little bit to retarded for that anyway. Let´s wait, look out the window, sing out the window. Or let´s not? Maybe we should go smear folks with magic butter or go pee on flowers, bless them like dogs do.

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