The PMG '2007 has seen a boost in momentumfor the PMG. With the release of the band's third album 'the Tower, theRobot or the Monster' and a spot on the 2007 Summer Camp festival heldin Chillicothe, IL under their belt, the band went on to open two showsof the jamband juggernaut moe.'s fall tour in Baltimore, MD at theRam's Head Live and in Richmond, VA at the famous Toad's Place.

The PMG has also striven to remainin touch with their loyal local fanbase by performing in many of thelocal venues (like the Lafayette Brewing Company and Indiana's oldestbar, the Knickerbocker) and also contributed to the free concert seriesbrought simply to share the local music with it's community. The bandwas also asked to be one of the featured performers in the first annualLay-Flats Music and Arts festival; a showcase of Lafayette, IN arts,crafts and music. Likewise the group continues to branch out and reachnew venues like the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, the Abbey Pub in Chicagoand Doc's in Muncie. The PMG, in short, has focused on increasing theirpresence in the midwest by becoming a band that must be seen live tofully enjoy.

This group of musicians havereleased three albums to date (2004 - S/T, 2005 - Equal, and 2007's theTower, the Robot or the Monster), have been included in aninternationally distributed independant motion picture soundtrack (2006- Gringo Wedding) and presented its sound rooted in honesty to an everincreasing audience who join the fold as loyal listeners. Now, with2007 winding down, the band looks to continue playing new venues whileplaying wherever there are ears to listen. This will continue whilework on a new, fourth album is tentattively scheduled to begin in theSpring.

In the meantime, just get out and see this band whenever you have a chance'