Cypress Crafting their groove-heavy sonic bouillabaisse from a range of both like and disparate influences, the South Florida-based outfit, Cypress, does what it sets out do, night after night—whet the appetite of its steadily-growing fanbase. With high-quality, "roots-based" songmanship as their vehicle, the collective compose poignant homegrown tunes, steeped in real life experiences, which echo from deep within the soul of this eclectic, uniquely-talented band of singer-songwriters.

Defying blatant categorization, Cypress' sound relies on a healthy palette of unconstrained experimentation, serving up large slices of effervescent jam and layering upon those, tasty, pointed elements of Southern Rock, Blues, Funk and Caribbean rhythms. If ever you've dreamed of that stellar, in-the-pocket, escapist soundtrack to accompany the perfect long weekend— you'll find no band more deftly-equipped than Cypress to thunderously groove you into the great beyond.