Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern Her debut record, In Advance of the Broken Arm, is culled from songs written by herself in her bedroom over a two-year period, with production and drum work by Hella's Zach Hill. Her songs are of the earth, birthed in an organic process where the finished product is much more striking than the individual parts: created in solitude, the songs contain a staggering number of layers, each one winding its way around the others, then counterpointed by Marnie's feminine, echoing, powerful vocals. Despite the artful pretensions of some of her influences, Marnie's lyrics are her secret weapon... every line has an understated elegance floating above the mindnumbingly complex guitar work. What makes Marnie better than any of the other hundreds of nameless and faceless tech guitar wizards is her uncanny ability to somehow transform the most complicated guitar acrobatics into beautiful and concise 3 minute pop songs. Hers is an inspired, forward-moving art that you can take home to mom, and play for your kid sister. In Advance of the Broken Arm transcends any gimmicky "recluse" label because it is so present and immediate, and is certainly the most vibrant, original, empowering, and groundbreaking record released in a long time.