Kimock/Degennaro TRIDENT: Kingfish band members Steve Kimock & Danny "Rio" Degennaro along with friends Glenn McClellend from Ween on Keyboards, Bassist Gary Balduzzi and Steve's son John Morgan Kimock on drums.

Trident playing your old favorits from Kingfish plus originals. The sound of TRIDENT is high energy. Playing the songs that cultured the Jam Bands of today.

You may know Steve Kimock from Zero, The Other Ones, Kingfish . After the departing of Jerry Garcia the Greatful Dead interviewed many talented guitarist. Steve Kimock filled the spot. Playing with Phil Lesh & friends and The Rythim Devils. Founding member of his band ZERO now playing with his son John Morgan Kimock on drums. Playing at the 2006 Jammy Awards, you'll never know where Steve will show up.

Danny "Rio" Degennaro along with founding member David Torbert of Kingfish & New Riders of the Purple Sage, stormed the country side in the mid to late "70's and 80's. Then called upon in the 90's to sing the Title track of Sundown on the Forest along with three other tracks that you can hear on this site. Danny "Rio" with his powerful and soulful voice will seranade a ballad to perfection or blow the doors off a hardcore rock & roll song. Danny also produced Mikey Jr. and the Stone Cold Blues Band and Co produced The Mikey Jr. Band NYC Sessions.

Glenn McClelland playing keyboards in three bands Ween, Blood Sweat & Tears and Trident is one multi-talented individual. Glenn's backup vocals adds a nice flair to Trident.

Bassist Gary Balduzzi is also a local Philadephia area resident who played with Rita Cooledge Band, as well a studio musician playing with many great behind the scenes.

Keep a watchful eye for TRIDENT as this is a must see band! /