Johnossi My name is John Engelbert. Me and my dear friend Ossi have a band together. We are simply JOHNOSSI. Boring name you might say, simplicity is the key we say! At least in our case. I sing and scream into the mic and play acoustic guitar through some effectboxes and two amps (made for electric guitar).

Ossi plays the drums and sometimes shares a bit of his strange voice through the mic. We enjoy a good melody, a catchy tune, a powerful expression, and a fist full of steel. We also enjoy a sweet emotion, a kind stroke on your cheek, a distant whistle and the sound of silence (not so often though...). That's the way it has been since we first started playing together a couple of years ago. We're not one of those bands that has been struggling in a shitty basement for 10 years, dying to catch a break. Things came easily for us.

After only 3 shows in demo clubs and on a gay boat in Stockholm, we signed our first record deal. Since then we have toured Scandinavia with Soundtrack of Our Lives, released our self-titled first album in Sweden, highly saluted by Sweden's finest music critics, headlined club tours and festivals throughout Sweden, leaving our tiny Stockholm based record company in search for someone to help us spread our music beyond the Swedish border (now happening). That's about where we stand right now.

And the future, my friendsit seems like the future has a lot to offer for me and Ossi. Cause that's really what JOHNOSSI is about, a love story between two dear friends, sticking together, standing up for each other, sharing the same bed in this shithole known as the record industry.