Absynthe Minded
Absynthe Minded Absynthe Minded originally was a one man band, musician-singer-composer Bert Ostyn. AM started off in '99 by recording "More Than This " on 8-track in a 5 to 4 bedroom in Ghent.

The opportunity to record some shit in a studio brought forth "Mushroom Holiday". On that demo there was, for the first time, a healthy collaboration with other musicians which later on led to the forming of a new band called 'Tao Tse Tse'.

The third Absynthe Minded demo "Krankenhaus Hotel" was recorded in a noisy apartment bedroom again, on a Tascam four track. This one sounded so cult that some people actually liked it! After this, it all came so obvious; Bert had to get himself an Absynthe Minded band...

The first band- demo was called "Sweet Oblivion" by the 'Absynthe Minded Quartet'. (2002; gettin' tired of the ego-trips, workin' with a bunch of fuckin' great musicians now, let's get high). With the Quartet we played almost every bar in the country... members; Bert, Renaud, Jan Sergej 2nd demo; History Makes SciFi; in comes drummer Jakob Nachtergaele!

Our debut full length album Acquired Taste was released on that same Keremos label, was produced by Geoffrey Burton and contains 14 songs.

New Day, our follow-up to the 2004 Acquired Taste was recorded in the end of januari 2005 and was produced by legendary producer Jean-Marie Aerts. After touring Belgium and the Netherlands, we recorded 16 songs and released the album in March in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

With the succes of hit-single "my heroics, part one" Absynthe Minded starts touring like madmen and eventually signs a record-deal with Universal.

The first record on universal is called "There Is Nothing". It's a more up-front piece of art, with songs like "Stuck in Reverse" and "Let's be Radical".