My American Heart
My American Heart The five-piece San Diego emo/alternative group My American Heart burst onto the scene with their crunchy debut album, The Meaning in Makeup (Warcon Entertainment), in the fall of 2006.

At the time of its release, none of the group members were above the age of 18, but that didn't stop them from executing three nation tours and landing a coveted slot on the 2005 and 2006 Warped Tour.

Vocalist Larry Soliman, guitarist/vocalist Jesse Barrera, bassist Dustin Hook and drummer Steven Oira polished up their sonics with the help of producer Sal Villanueva(Taking Back Sunday) and Mixer/engineer Matt Squire(Thrice, Panic! At The Disco), solidifying the group's dense and gritty brand of earnest rock.

My American Heart strives to peel away the superficial facades of social acceptance and champion the cult of the real -- a cathartic, honest and muscular approach to the emo/rock genre.