Alela Diane
Alela Diane Alela Diane Menig es mi nombre. I make songs, mostly using the guitar, and I sing them.

I used to live in the crazy-land. Nevada City, California. It is real nice there. Lots of trees. A River. The family spirit. Beautiful creaters of craft and music. You see, I just left the cabin with crystals in the grout between the logs to move to this new place of city forest wandering: Portland, Oregon. I've got the sweetest kitty named Bramble Rose, who keeps me company during the days here. In the passing of the time, I wind the songs round the strings... sing! sing! sing! I crit around.. sew curtains... get domestic. All the while...I've these fascinations creeping up on me of things long gone. I stop in my slippers to hold a rock I found on a beach of fog, or scatter the contents of my button jar onto the floor to explore the history of my collection. Who lost all these buttons? I'll sit for a while pawing an old grandma's handkerchief or the scrimshaw of a sailor. I think about whose hands did make these things! When outside.... feathers and fall leaves go in my hair or are tucked quietly into a pocket. What wind did blow them! Tatted lace? Bones? Children of Children of Children?

These are the cuckoo wind!