The Seed
The Seed The Seed was planted when high-schoolers Stephen Lewis (lead vocals, guitar) and Brent Hoskins (drums, percussion) were introduced to each other by mutual friend and vocalist John "Slothman" Spence. Their appreciation for a wide variety of music formed a partnership that would eventually become "The Seed". Timing is everything and the forming of "The Seed" was no exception. The dream of making music that forged the early partnership would persist over the years and endure Hoskins' time spent in Florida at Full Sail audio production school and Lewis' own graduation from college followed by a year long stint teaching in Asia. Time had served it's purpose in readying the two for their congruent future. The Seed grows...Hoskins and Lewis were joined by bassist Jonathan Seale after he replied to a "Help Wanted" ad at a local music shop. As the trio began working to create thier own sound, they added guitarist/bassist Robert Grice which lent to an expansion of composing capabilities and overall sound and depth. At times, The Seed has also been accompanied on stage and in the studio by childhood friend and vocalist John "Slothman" Spence and percussionist Jeff Maiden, further developing the sound of The Seed. Almost two years after the formation of The Seed, the core of Lewis and Hoskins remains strong in light of the departures of Seale and Grice. The Seed sets itself apart from most others by incorporating various genres of music (namely reggae, funk, soul and rock) in a smooth and entertaining manner, all the while sharing a substantive and meaningful message with its fans. Representative of The Seed is the title track from its' debut album, "Steppin' Out". Lending a vibe of positivity and just pure fun, "Steppin' Out" presents quality in both music and message and is one that even haters have to listen to. The Seed will continue to bring entertaining performances of a conscious nature to crowds anywhere and everywhere. Everything begins with a Seed.