Dan Sartain
Dan Sartain Dan Sartain, born of fire and baptized in the tears of Optimus Prime is the voice and soul of this generations rocknroll youth. Only 24, he writes and belts out his songs with the insight of a man whos known a lifetime of hard on's(and occasionally good) times. Hes walked among the perverts and hes screamed instead of hollered. In short, the man is qualified. Born in Birmingham Alabama (a city that immediately conjures up images of racial unrest, police dogs, and fire hoses) Dan wears his southern heritage like an upside down badge, playing with our pre-conceptions of the deep south. Coming on stage to the sounds of Ol Dirty Bastard with a big grin on his face, hell pick up his acoustic guitar, tell a story about growin up barefootand sittin on the porch listenin to Pork Scratchin Slim, before he goes into his own ectoplasam jam. Think Don King kicking it with David Duke. Its been said back home that Dans more talented then a thousand talented dudes, and that may actually be true. It only takes one listen to this raving Retard Dan Sartain to hear that. Its diverse and soulful, flying off in a million different directions but all of it comes back to a central sound that makes the whole as great as its individual parts. Listeners are rewarded with multiple listens, because this is a layered and multi-faceted album. Sartain has a unique talent for absorbing all kinds of musical styles, and then making them completely his own. Knowing this, its not too surprising to learn that hes a multi instrumentalist that plays most of this record himself, four of the tracks were recorded by Dan in his own garage. But lets not get caught up in any garage rock definitions or comparisons, because Sartains tunes and talent easily surpasses that. Dan Sartain vs the Serpientes has been kicking around the underground for some time, copies of the record being passed around like a secret among rock kids, and the New World Order (the illuminati) alike. Its so rare for an artist to provoke such excitement and fear that other people will catch on to what we already know. Its high time this record went overground and everybody else joined the gang. Edited for content by Dan Sartain. Ben Swank, Soledad Brother Aug. 2005