Bhi Bhiman
Bhi Bhiman Bhi Bhiman is a Sri Lankan-American singer/songwriter originally from St. Louis, Missouri. In two short years, Bhiman has gone from a staple on the cafe circuit to gaining recogition among world class musicians like guitar master, Charlie Hunter and funk legend, Zigaboo Modeliste. In September of 2007 Bhiman released "The Cookbook" on Hinju Records. The album garnered tremendous praise from critics and musicians who recognized Bhiman's unique ability to make deep observations about human nature and the state of the world without being preachy or overbearing.

"With wry humor and an unvarnished sense of reality, Bhiman lends a dose of levity to whatever he's singing about, serious and unserious subjects alike. Instead of the stick, Bhiman opts for the honey, convincing people with a laugh is much easier than coaxing them with guilt." - Sound on the Sound, Seattle

In Spring of 2009 Bhiman will release his follow up to The Cookbook. The record will be engineered by live sound genius, Nathan Harlow. Harlow is the Front-of-House Engineer at The Fillmore and Warfield (among others) and has toured with artists like Lucinda Williams. He is an absolute authority on the science of sound...especially the sound of good music. Unlike The Cookbook, which featured Bhiman on both electric and acoustic guitar and much bigger arrangements, this next record (currently self-titled) will be totally acoustic and showcase Bhiman as a true singer-songwriter. To hear some of the new material, visit Bhi Bhiman on Myspace (